Choosing the Right Color of Shingles for Your Home

Most people don’t think it matters, but choosing the right color of shingles for your home is essential. This isn’t just for aesthetics, but also for practical purposes as well. The color of the shingles can play a role in whether or not your home is scorching hot or pleasantly cool in the trenches of summer. In this post, we’ll elaborate on a few reasons why choosing the right color is important, and will help you to pick the perfect color of shingles for your home.

Choosing a lighter color of shingles for your home is absolutely essential if you live in a hot climate. There is no other sound option. If you choose a dark color like black or dark blue, the heat of the sun rays will absorb into your home, thus making your home hotter than normal and forcing your air conditioning to do more work. By choosing a light colored roof, with a hue like light grey or light blue, your home will absorb less sunlight, helping to keep your internal temperature lower and more enjoyable. Although lighter colors may be less aesthetically pleasing (depending on your taste), they’re very practical in hotter climates.

Making sure your home still looks good is also essential when choosing shingles. If your home looks terrible after changing out the shingles, the curb appeal of your home and the value will go down. By choosing a great color to compliment your home, the value goes up, and so does the general appeal of the home. We suggest looking at color palettes online to decide which colors go with one another. Find a good complimentary color to the rest of your home and stick with it.

Be sure to check in with neighborhood codes as well when choosing your roof. Some neighborhoods regulate their residents and limit them to choosing more neutral colors so no home stands out. By doing so, the homes keep the same uniformity and the entire neighborhood fits in. It’s never a bad idea to check in on your local codes before spending thousands on a new roof (or repair).

Consulting your neighbors in general is never a bad idea. Ask them what they think about the color. If they like it, and you like it, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. There’s no downsides to choosing a color if everyone around you loves it!

As long as you consider the information above, your home should be looking fantastic, and keeping cool in little time. We highly suggest visiting popular stores and getting a feel for the different colors you can choose for your shingles. If you believe the old color looked great, you can simply color match it at any local department or construction store and get the same color. There’s probably a reason most people chose that color in the first place! Just remember to use common sense and follow these steps and your home’s value will increase along with your new roof.