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    Although called “flat,” flat roofs actually have a slight slope to allow snow and rain to drain off the roof, but appear flat when they are compared to the traditional steeply sloped roof usually seen in the Midwest.

    flat-roof-imgMany businesses and homes have flat roofs because they are economical to construct. Flat roofs reduce building volume, so they also reduce energy costs. Many flat roofs are used as patios, gardens or are simply easier for factories and businesses to attach needed equipment to them.

    If your roof is flat or has a low slope, water doesn’t tend to run off of it as quickly, causing water or snow to pool during a 24-hour period. This standing water on a flat roof can causing problems like sagging or leaks. Like other roofs, damage to flat roofs can also be caused by clogged or loose gutters, flashing issues, sealing problems, ageing and poor installation.

    At Roof Revivers, we specialize in EPDM (an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane) repair. Sometimes referred to as rubber roofs, EDPM roofing systems are a common choice for low sloped or flat roofs. In these types of roofs, the seams are one of the primary areas where leaks develop.

    At Roof Revivers we clean, prime and then install an EPDM rubber cover tape that lasts up to 20 years. This makes sure your flat or low sloped roof stays leak free and extends the life of one of your most important investments: your home or business.