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Need A Repair or Even Thinking of Replacement?

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The typical roof is replaced 7+ years earlier than necessary because roofers focus most on costly replacements (instead of repairs and maintenance). Just because your roof looks old and worn with black stains, has a leak, or is missing some shingles, doesn’t mean it can’t be repaired lasting for many years to come.


Our expertise is roof inspection, repair and maintenance, the little jobs most roofers don’t want to mess with, that actually increases your roof’s life – and get a Leak FREE Warranty just like a new roof – but at a fraction of the cost!

bobvila_icon“Inspect the roof routinely, clean it periodically as needed, and make minor repairs in a timely way, and you can greatly extend the roof’s life span.” SOURCE – This Old House Homeowners Manual


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Additional Information About Our Services:

The Roof Revivers are proud to be serving the citizens of Atlanta with top notch roof repair service.

Are you looking for a qualified roofer in the Atlanta area? Do you want a professional and dependable roofer? Are you tired of being promised one thing and receiving something else? Are you seeking a high quality roofing job? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need to contact us today. Our company has been in business for several years and our speciality is repairing roofs.



We take a consultative approach to the estimate. Initially we gather information about our clients wants and needs and what types of products and systems that you currently use. We take time to understand your project objectives and determine the benefits and shortcomings of what you have in place. Then we will present the product options that fit your needs and vision. Our goal is to help you fully understand the process and products in a project to improve your home or place of business. We are always equipped with product samples and information to help you compare and contrast, then determine the best available options.

Once you have an idea of ​​what products you are interested in, we will help you customize options to suit your budget and give you the functionality you need. We will always help you present the aesthetic blend you envision. atlanta-roofing Our next goal is to conduct a thorough inspection of the external space that you plan to upgrade, take action, and develop a proposal for the materials and labor required to complete the upgrade. We will sit down and explain the proposal and answer your questions so you can feel empowered and educated to make an informed decision. We will also thoroughly explain what to expect during the process, establish the guarantees given, and present you with specials and coupons that we have for our clients as well as applicable finance offers, because we know that money can be tight in uncertain financial times.

We always attempt to devise plans and promotions to help ease the financial burden.

When you decide to proceed, we will establish the start date and provide you with detailed information describing what you should be prepared for. You will be notified of when the project will be completed, and told who your contact person is so that they can answer any questions that may arise while we are in the process of completing our plan of action. Our mission is to leave your roof in better condition than we found it, and develop a partner in you that will sing our praises to the rest of the community, just as many of our previous clients have done in the past. We will be available throughout the duration of the project to ensure that you are entirely satisfied.

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Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be a nuisance to many home and business owners. They can be difficult to diagnose for the inexperienced. Faulty diagnoses are one of the biggest reasons that we are called to fix incompetent contractors mistakes. Various climatic conditions produce leaks in different places. To the untrained eye it may lead them down a trail that results in the real problem being ignored.

The majority of roof problems operate on the principle of gravity. This can be useful in locating a source of leaks for people that have only been in the profession for a short amount of time. However, the horizontal joints of the roof can be tricky. A leak can actually be 7 to 12 sq. ft. away from the source, hence the wet spot on the ceiling or attic is in another position further away from where it is perceived to be. Determining the source of leaks looks like it might be simple, but some require extensive investigative work that some contractors don’t have the patience to complete.

We take our time to establish the source of your headaches. We will never cut corners or take shortcuts just to get you to agree to a price. We put your needs above our own and have established a reputation of integrity and trustworthiness in this Atlanta community.

Call us for a free analysis of the damage to your roof and save yourself from the frustration of dealing with shady individuals that will tell you anything and deliver on nothing.


The Valley

The valley of a roof is a line where two roof planes intersect. Valleys can be big problems if the tiles were not properly measured, cut, and placed. When a tile valley was not properly installed you need professionals like us to come diagnose the problem, tear out their faulty craftsmanship and do the job correctly. We will ensure that you don’t have that problem again, because we pride ourselves on getting it done right the first time.

Metal Flashing

Some roofs have a vertical wall. A metal flashing should have been put in place to influence the water to run down the wall avoiding the stop point of shingles. If this was not done correctly it will cause you major problems. We know how to identify this common mistake and rectify the situation. Often times less experienced contractors will attempt to use concrete or tar to fix the problem only to make matters worse. Our skilled technicians will make sure that the proper procedures are in place to protect your investment.

Steps of Flashing

Many leaks develop in the step of the flashing. These flashings can be found along vertical walls. For each row of shingles contractors should have installed a step flashing. Often times rust or holes can become embedded in them and eventually cause leaks. We will inspect carefully to see if this is the problem. It is often the result of a contractor using inferior equipment or products. We only use the highest quality industry standard materials that we allow you to independently reference so you can have the peace of mind knowing that your shelter is being protected with only top of the line material. You are a first class person and all that you own should be treated with that same respect.

Fire Places

We all love our cozy and decorative fireplaces, but they can often be the source of leaks in your property. The construction of your fireplace has to be perfect or it can easily cause unforeseen damage. The bearings used in the mortar must be perfectly aligned. A small crack above the flashing will provide space for large amounts of water to seep through like a flowing river in some instances. We will track down this small menace and stop it from causing havoc.



Strong winds during storms can also wreak havoc on even the best installed roofs.However, we have applications that can act as defense mechanisms for even the strongest weather patterns.


There are times that your roof may be too far gone and the most cost effective measure will be to replace it. You will know that we have exhausted all other efforts and possibilities. We keep you informed every step of the way and help you to make the best decision for your home or business. From Alpharetta to Duluth and all points in between, we are Atlanta’s premiere roofing professionals.Call us today to make sure that you receive the best service in Atlanta.


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