We are at the leading edge of sustainable roofing.

Roof Revivers is committed to providing homeowners with sustainable roofing solutions for asphalt shingles. We are the first roofing company in North America to embrace new green technologies that maximize service life while reducing stress on our planet.

Sustainable roofs must not only be designed to reduce the environmental impacts of construction and use. They must also be designed with the durability and adaptability to provide a long and useful service life. This head to head comparison shows the many benefits of restoration over traditional replacement. Think green and save some green.

Roof Restoration

  • Sustainability: Eleven million tones of shingle debris are taken to landfills each year. Increasing service life reduces solid waste.
  • Installed Cost: $3,547 / 2014 average installed cost. Approximately one-third the cost of replacement.
  • Service Life: Restoration can double service life.
  • Leak Free Warranty: Covered for the full duration of the restoration package you choose – 5, 10 or 15years.
  • Transferable Warranty: The warranty is attached to the home’s address not the owner. This eliminates the need to transfer your warranty at sale of home.
  • Installed By Certified Contractor: We are the manufacturer. Eliminates finger pointing and loopholes in the warranty.
  • Money Back Guarantee: If your roof restoration ever fails requiring replacement you are refunded the unused amount to be applied towards a new roof.

Traditional Roof Replacement

  • Sustainability: Annual waste generated from roofing amounts to 5% of all solid waste in the United States.
  • Installed Cost: $11,095 / 2014 Angie’s List survey.
  • Service Life: Approximately 50% of stated manufacturers warranty as revealed in a study by the International Association of Home Inspectors.
  • Leak Free Warranty: This warranty falls under the contractors labor warranty which is typically two to 5 years.
  • Transferable Warranty: Manufacturer warranties are attached to the homeowner not the property address.
  • Installed By Certified Contractor: Adds 15-20% cost. Certified contractor programs are designed to up-sell more products to the consumer.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Many manufacturers warranties only cover materials and not labor. Labor is two-thirds of the cost of a new roof.

I was not only satisfied with the exceptional work performed on my roof, but also very impressed with the professionalism and customer service with Roof Revivers. I would highly recommend this company and the experience that they bring.