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    A skylight can be a great addition to your home. Not only are they attractive, but they provide additional light and ventilation.

    Roof needing skylight repair.Unfortunately, there are times when something goes wrong with your skylight. It could be due to weather, ageing, manufacturing problems or even incorrect installation.

    Skylight repair services can become necessary for a homeowner especially if there is a crack in the skylight or other damage surrounding it. Damage or ageing of a skylight can lead to leaks and make your home less energy-efficient.

    Although some repairs can be done by an experienced homeowner, skylight repair or replacement should be left to professionals. A small crack or leak in a skylight can easily turn into a much larger issue, and trying to do it yourself may lead to more expense in the end.

    man doing skylight repair or replacement
    Roof Revivers offers repair service on all types of skylights! Contact us for a free inspection!

    Sometimes a skylight repair just isn’t possible. If you have an old skylight that requires replacement, we will replace it with a Velux brand skylight. In business for over 60 years and by far the industry leader, Velux features a complete system of skylight products unmatched anywhere else. With years of experience, Velux has developed a skylight with an engineered flashing system that virtually eliminates roof leaks.

    Other Velux features:
    Comes standard with comfort plus tempered safety glass with an extra laminated pane for added safety and comfort
    Velux stands behind their products with a promise of lasting service. The warranty covers 20 years on insulated glass seal and 10 years on the skylight
    The smooth, low-profile of the FSF skylight does not obstruct your roofline.