Solar Fans

Improve the comfort & efficiency of your home by
removing hot air and moisture from your attic.

By removing excess heat in your attic, you can be more comfortable in your home, reduce energy usage, and save money. Additionally, you can protect your investment by removing moisture build-up year-round.

• Remove heat and moisture
• Reduce energy usage
• Protect your home and roof
• Reduce premature aging of roof shingles

Cool your home in the summer

During the hot summer months, your attic’s temperature can climb to 150° or more. This heat build-up can then raise the temperature inside your home increasing the amount of electricity used by air conditioners and other cooling equipment.

solar-fan-imgInstalling a solar attic fan helps to remove the heat build-up in your attic and bring your attic’s temperature down closer to the ambient temperature outside of the home.

The reduction in attic temperature also benefits the homeowner by preserving and extending the life of the roofing and attic construction materials. Additionally, hot air in your attic heats the metal exterior of your HVAC ductwork and consequently heat the air passing through it, causing your air conditioner to work harder.

Remove moisture and protect your house in the winter

solar-fan-img1In the winter, a typical attic absorbs up to 28 gallons of water from the warm,
moist air rising from the inside of your home and collides with the cold underside of the wood decking. Solar attic fans provide the air circulation which prevents the moist air from condensing on the surface, keeping your attic drier and helping to prevent attic mold and mildew from forming inside your attic and from ice damming on your roof.

Moisture in the attic can also lead to other troublesome problems. Humidity can cause saturated insulation, sheetrock nail pops and truss uplifts, which can cause damage and cracks to the drywall inside your home.