Replace or Repair Your Roof? Nine FAQs to Consider

Replace or Repair Your Roof? Nine FAQs to Consider

Does your roof have a few damaged or missing shingles? Is there a leak? Is your roof over 10 years old? Just because answered “yes” to any of these questions, doesn’t mean that you automatically need a roof replacement. There is a roof replacement alternative! The truth is that just about any roof, regardless of its condition, can be repaired and last for many more years. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about roof replacement:

Removing old shingles to prepare a roof for a new installation

What are those ugly black streaks on my roof?
Asphalt roof shingles are not just asphalt. Although the composition changes from one manufacturer to the next, the majority are a combination of asphalt, fibrous paper, various minerals and fiberglass. Unfortunately, the mineral filler used asphalt shingles is very attractive to airborne algae spores known as gloeocapsa magma. These spores usually appear as black stains or streaks on your roof. You could spend the $11,000 or more that a roof replacement costs but still have your new roof become infested if your neighborhood has other roofs infested with algae.

Although black algae can be ugly, it usually takes a few years before it breaks down shingles by causing them to decay and lose their UV shielding. Roof Revivers can make your roof shingles like new with our roof stain removal service. Roof Revivers only uses algae treatment products that are biodegradable and non-corrosive. We apply this eco-friendly treatment using a gentle sprayer that doesn’t require rinsing—thus eliminating the need for damaging pressure washing. The result is a beautifully restored roof with no potential damage to people, pets, or property!

My roof has moss growing on it. Does that mean it’s too late to repair?
Moss and lichens tend to grow on roofs where climates are humid and there is plenty of shade. Roof moss and lichens grow into the slots and edges of asphalt shingles, causing them to lift and making the roof more susceptible to damage and leaks.

Moss and lichens can be removed by cleaning the roof. Many roofing contractors or homeowners attempt to remove the fungus with a pressure washer, but high pressure washing can cause additional damage to the roof by dislodging shingles or removing the shingles’ protective coating. You don’t want to use any type of pressure on your roofing shingles!

Roof Revivers recommends cleaning your roof every one to two years, to sustain the roof and keep the algae or moss from returning. Unfortunately, traditional roof cleaning methods use cleaners containing hazardous chemical ingredients such as bleach, lye, copper, zinc or acid. Even after they’ve dried, these chemicals can leave a residue that can harm children, landscaping and pets.

Roof Revivers uses eco-friendly products that are non-corrosive as well as biodegradable. These products restore your roof shingles to like-new condition and bring back your home’s curb appeal.

Why are there granules in my gutter and downspout?
A roof that is losing a lot of granules is a warning sign that your shingles are wearing down and in need of help. These granules are put on shingles by manufacturers to help block sunlight and UV rays. Once these granules start to fall off the shingles will start to “bake” and dry out.Roof with torn missing asphalt shingle

It’s very simple; roofing shingles need replaced when their oils dry out. Roof Revivers new patented organic oil puts restores the flexibility and water-shedding ability of your roof shingles. This revolutionary eco-friendly product is 100% safe for people, pets and plants. All jobs are backed by a transferrable leak-free warranty—a huge benefit when selling your home.

My roof has curled/split/torn or missing shingles, do I have to get a new roof?
There are many factors that can cause asphalt roof shingles to be curled, split, torn or completely missing. Damaged or missing roof shingles does not necessarily mean you need worry about the cost of a new roof.  It does mean that the roof needs some attention though! Most of the time the roof simply needs inspected by a professional and the damaged or curled shingles replaced.

Why would a roofing company tell me my roof needs replacing if it doesn’t?
A roof replacement is not always necessary and sometimes, not even needed. Traditional roofing companies aren’t equipped to repair your roof, just to replace it. Roof Revivers isn’t in the business of replacing roofs. Our expertise is in roof inspection, repair and maintenance—the stuff that most roofers don’t want to mess with. We know roofs and we know what a roof needs to extend its life.

Before you invest in the cost of a new roof, call Roof Revivers for a second opinion. Roof Revivers offers a free, no pressure 19-point inspection of your roof. We can restore 95% of all roofs and if we can’t we will gladly refer you to a reputable company that specializes in roof replacement.

Shouldn’t you replace your roof every 10 to 15 years?
According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, the typical asphalt roof shingle lasts an average of 20 years. But the life span of a roof is affected by many factors—the slope of the roof, the roofing materials used, weather conditions in your area and whether or not you maintain your roof.

Just like your car, your roof should be inspected and maintained. Preventative maintenance is essential for your roofing system to live out its complete life cycle. Failure to provide necessary maintenance results in deterioration of your roofing system and costly early replacement.
If you can repair and restore your roof instead of replacing it, you not only save money, but prevent roof shingles from being dumped into landfills.

My city just experienced a major weather event. Should I have my roof inspected?
The flashing around vents, skylights, and chimneys seals the seams of the roof from rain, snow and ice. A professional can examine these points—as well as the rest of your roof—to make sure there are no cracks or breaks or missing shingles, which could lead to leaks.

Help! My roof is leaking; doesn’t it mean that it needs replaced?
Sometimes roofs develop leaks years before the entire roof needs replacing. Many roofing companies–without actually ever inspecting your roof—will tell you that water is seeping through the singles and that you need to tear off the old roof to replace it with a new roof, a job that can cost $11,000 or more. roof shingles, roof leak, roof repair

The majority of the time roof leaks happen because the flashing — sheet metal that keeps the section between the chimney and/or vent pipes and roof watertight—has deteriorated or come loose. Other things that can cause a roof to leak are missing shingles, clogged gutters, loosening of the seals around skylights, or crumbling chimney mortar. All of these things can easily and inexpensively be fixed by a trained professional.

Why does my roof appear droopy or sagging?
Not only is a sagging roof unattractive, but it can indicate a larger problem. Roof lines should be straight—no dips, curves or sags. Often a sagging roof indicates a structural issue caused by trapped moisture or rotting boards.

Sagging roofs should be inspected by a professional as soon as possible. The extent of repair can be difficult to determine by the untrained eye. While you aren’t necessarily in any imminent danger, a sagging roof is easier to take care of when it’s in a small, localized area. The longer you wait, the worse the problem may get.

It’s important to take good care of your home—including your roof. If you are having roofing problems, you may think you have to invest in the cost of a new roof, but there is a roof replacement alternative. When it comes to taking care of your roof, team up with experienced professionals you can trust. Check out our reviews and see why our customers love Roof Revivers!

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