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For over two decades, we have been helping home owners around Columbus bring the natural light and beauty of the outdoors into their spaces. Out expert installers use only the best skylights and materials to ensure your new installation is a source of enjoyment for years to come. Contact us today and see how a skylight can help your Columbus Ohio home!

Premium Skylights

Natural light, no leaks

Roof Revivers uses only the highest quality Velux skylights and materials. Our installers know that a poor installation with bad materials leads to leaks, water spotting, and general frustration with a product that should be a source of joy. We want to help you bring in the beauty of nature without the hassles that come with the wrong installation. Contact us today so one of experts can help you bring in natural light.

Reduced Spotting

Our skylight installations use premium Velux skylights with high quality glass. Because this glass is of much higher quality, water disperses more evenly than with general glass. This means less water spotting after rain storms.

Premium skylights in Central Ohio
Better Noise Suppression

Our skylights have 25% better outside noise suppression than standard double paned skylights, and up to 50% better than with plastic skylights. Let in the light from the outdoors with out the noise. For more information, check out Velux skylights.

Quiet skylights in central Ohio.
Leak Free

Velux skylights are well sealed leak free skylights. There are a wide variety of options including fixed, manual, electric, and even solar powered skylights that can include federal tax incentives.

Roof Revivers installs leak free skylights in Central Ohio


External factors, like sunlight, regulate the rhythm of our internal biological clock. The morning sun often signals our bodies to awaken, regardless of whether we’ve completed the recommended eight hours of sleep. Installing skylights can introduce more natural light into your environment, aiding in the synchronization of your circadian rhythm. This rhythm is responsible for managing various bodily functions, including our sleep cycles, hunger cues, and cognitive processes.

An operable skylight can reduce the workload on your air conditioning system. By opening the skylight, you allow the hot air that rises and accumulates near the ceiling to escape. This process decreases the need for the air conditioner to generate additional cold air.

While the consequences of insufficient daylight are not immediately visible, their impact is significant and warrants attention. Daylight is essential for the optimal functioning of our metabolism, and its absence can lead to symptoms such as pervasive tiredness and disturbed sleep patterns. Moreover, disturbances in sleep have been associated with various health concerns, including stress, depression, cardiovascular diseases, and a heightened susceptibility to infections. In Columbus Ohio, a skylight can go a long way to introducing more sunlight into your life.

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