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Prevent A Roof Leak And Avoid Years Of Damage To Your Home

Prevent a Roof Leak and Avoid Years of Damage to Your Home

prevent roof leak

It can take up to two years for a roof leak to show up inside of a home as a stain on the ceiling. This is because you have a lot of layers before water actually gets into the home, but all the while damage can be being done to the structure.

For one, the rain has to get through the first layer of defense, which is the asphalt shingle. Second the roof has felt paper.  Then, in many cases, there’s the ice and water shield, which is a rubberized underlayment.  After that is a layer of plywood.  Once you get inside the attic space you have up to a foot of insulation, in some cases more.  Then the rainwater has to saturate that large area. Finally, to show up as a stain on the drywall, it has to make it through the drywall. After that, then rain is actually leaking into the home.

What will two years of damage to all of these layers do?

A two-year period of continual water damage to the interior of the roof is going to cause wood to rot out and insulation to become wet or damp and not nearly as effective.  Damp insulation loses up to 50% of its R-value, so that can also cost you in energy bills.

How can I prevent this from happening or how can I tell if this is happening to my roof?

The only way to know for sure that you’re having roof leaks is to perform a detailed roof inspection.  All roofing manufacturers and shingle manufacturers as well as the National Roofing Contractor Association suggest having your roof inspected twice each year; once in the spring and then once again in the fall before winter sets in.

That’ll certainly give you a good indication of whether you’re having issues with your roof and allow you to catch small problems before they become a major issue.

How Roof Revivers beats out the rest for roof maintenance…

Roof Revivers really is a different type of a roofing company because we specialize in repairing and maintaining roofs.  We are a roofing company that does not replace roofs.  Many roofing companies, more than half, do not prefer to do roof repairs.  They only go after the larger ticket replacements in the market.

We don’t even offer replacements.  The only services we provide are repair and roof maintenance.  Our job is to find small issues before they become a big problem and to continually perform ongoing maintenance, very similar to tuning up your car or changing the oil in your car.  That’s how you get more life out of the motor.

We have a thorough and detailed 19-point inspection for $129. But members of this blog get the inspection at no charge.

Either way, we encourage you to get a full roof inspection.  If you have a maintenance issue, it’s going to be less expensive to fix it today than it is down the road. Contact us today at (614) 626-0387 for your free inspection!

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